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Main characteristics of

Facial Infiltrating Lipomatosis - FIL

  • Facial asymmetry with one cheek prominently bigger than the other. 
  • Enlargement of the facial skeleton espicially the cheek bone and jaw on the affected side.
  • Early eruption of oversized teeth on affected side.

Get a full overview of Facial Infiltrating Lipomatosis (FIL) here.

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Facial Infiltrating Lipomatosis, FIL,

also referred to as Congenital Infiltrating Lipomatosis of the Face, a rare, noninherited overgrowth condition affecting one side of the face.

A diagnosis on the PIK3CA Related Overgrowth Spectrum.

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We have an active private Facebook group. A group solely for individuals with Facial Infiltrating Lipomatosis and their parents/partners. 

We want you to know that you are not alone. Read our letter to those who have recently been diagnosed with Facial Infiltrating Lipomatosis.

Read blogs by individuals affected by Facial Infiltrating Lipomatosis. 

We´ve made a brochure for kids about Facial Infiltrating Lipomatosis. You can find it here.

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Advances made in precision medicine offer new hope to those affected by FIL and PROS conditions. We wish to make a difference and support this important research! 100% of proceeds will go towards research.

As a nonprofit we are also eligable to receive donations through Facebook fundraisers.

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Raise awareness and also support our t-shirt fundraiser for more research into Facial Infiltrating Lipomatosis. Visit our store at Bonfire.com

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About WonderFIL smiles

A global community for those affected by Facial Infiltrating Lipomatosis

Our FIL community started in 2017 as a group on Facebook. We lovingly named our group WonderFIL smiles inspired by the popular book Wonder and the unique smiles of those affected by FIL.

As of January 2020 WonderFIL smiles is a registered non-profit organization, headquartered in Norway and run on a voluntary basis.

We aim to support people with FIL & their families, and to empower them with information, knowledge and connectivity.

Linda Roeksund

Linda Roeksund with her daughter

Founder & Chairwoman

"My hope is for WonderFIL smiles to be what I wished had existed when my baby got her FIL diagnosis. Where those affected can get the information they seek and need and most importantly, to connect with other FIL patients and families, people who can genuinely say; I understand."

- Linda Roeksund

This website is intended to connect families and people with Facial Infiltrating Lipomatosis (FIL), share experiences, provide information and support.

It is not intended for medical diagnostic use or to replace medical consultation. No images on this website may be used or reproduced.  

Copyright © 2020 WonderFIL smiles. All rights reserved. WonderFIL smiles is a registered non-profit organization.

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