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a Facial Infiltrating Lipomatosis community

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Articles about FIL

1983 - Congenital Infiltrating Lipomatosis of the Face: Clinicopathologic Evaluation and Treatment
2004 - Congenital Infiltrating Lipomatosis of the Face and Neck
2009 - Case Report Congenital infiltrating lipomatosis
2010 - Facial infiltrating lipomatosis
2011 - Facial infiltrating lipomatosis: A case report and review of literature
2012 - Congenital diffuse infiltrating facial lipomatosis
2012 - Case Report Congenital infiltrating lipomatosis
2013 - Infiltrating lipomatosis of the face: A case series
2014 - PIK3CA activating mutations in facial infiltrating lipomatosis
2015 - Congenital infiltrating lipomatosis of face: Case report and review of literature
2015 - PIK3CA-Related Overgrowth Spectrum (PROS): Diagnostic and Testing Eligibility Criteria, Differential Diagnosis, and Evaluation
2017 - Congenital Infiltrating Lipomatosis of the Face: Case Report With Presentation of a New Multistep Surgical Approach.
2017 - Somatic PIK3CA mutations are present in multiple tissues of facial infiltrating lipomatosis.
2018 - Congenital Infiltrating Lipomatosis of the Face: Case Report and Literature Review.

Articles about PROS

2015 - Sirolimus Effect on Hypertrophic Syndromes Related Gene PIK3CA
2017 - ArQule Announces First Patient Dosed in Company Sponsored Phase 1/2 Trial of AKT Inhibitor, ARQ 092, for Rare Overgrowth Diseases
2017 - Molecular diagnosis of PIK3CA-related overgrowth spectrum (PROS) in 162 patients and recommendations for genetic testing
2018 - Cancer-Associated PIK3CA Mutations in Overgrowth Disorders
2018 - Certain skin conditions signal potential overgrowth disorder 2018 - Understanding activating PIK3CA mutations in human disease
2018 - PI3K/mTOR inhibition promotes the regression of experimental vascular malformations driven by PIK3CA-activating mutations
2018 - Syndrome d "elephant man": enfin un espoir de traitement
2018 - Targeted therapy in patients with PIK3CA-related overgrowth syndrome
2018 - Lessons for cancer drug treatment from tackling a non-cancerous overgrowth syndrome

Study participation opportunities

Segmental Overgrowth Study

Clinical trials

Recruting - Study of ARQ 092 in Patients With Overgrowth Diseases and/or Vascular Anomalies (MOSAIC)
Terminated - Trial of Taselisib in Overgrowth (TOTEM)
Completed - Study of Sirolimus Therapy for Segmental Overgrowth Caused by Somatic PI3K Activation

Blogs by WonderFIL smiles members

Facebook page about Ana Lucia
Blog about Josie
Facebook page about Victor
Wilma's website

Facial Infiltrating Lipomatosis / PROS related links

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